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Jim is running as an Independent, and as he promised the people who signed his petition, he will remain an Independent. He has never held a political job. All his life, he has worked in the private sector, so he has an understanding of how businesses run. Jim does not owe any one any political favors, and he plans to keep it that way.

Jim believes in the old fashion values of honesty and integrity. He will not make anyone promises that he cannot fulfill. All Jim is asking is for you to give him the opportunity to try to make necessary changes to better the district.

Jim is a supporter of small businesses in the neighborhood. We cannot continue to levy taxes, regulations, and additional fees on our business community. This will only discourage new businesses from locating in the city and will make it more difficult for operating businesses to continue.

Jim is also a large supporter of donating to charity. He is encouraging his campaign workers with smart phones or Iphones to use the Charity Miles application while campaigning to donate to Stand Up To Cancer. Jim's wife passed away in 2011 from uterine cancer, and he wishes to do something in his campaign to help others suffering from the disease. For more information on this charity please visit www.standup2cancer.org.